Dash’s makes a dash for Kenmore Ave.

Say it isn’t so! Last week, Budwey’s Supermarkets announced their plans to sell their Kenmore Avenue grocery store to Dash’s Markets. With no need to operate two Dash’s stores in North Buffalo (Kenmore Ave. & Hertel Ave.), Dash’s will be closing their Hertel Avenue location. Say what?Store

Budwey’s employees in North Buffalo have been told Dash’s plans to spend upward of $2.5 million to upgrade the store, while its nearby store on Hertel Avenue will be closed.” – Buffalo News article from October 16th

Sure, I don’t do my MAIN grocery shopping at Dash’s on Hertel but I’m pretty much stopping there every week to fill in the gaps. “Filling in the gaps” translates into “Things I forgot at Wegmans” and today was no exception. It’s hard to make a tuna casserole without the tuna.

It’s also nice to not have to deal with the chaos at Wegmans when you only need three or four things. In fact my sanity depends on it. Now what am I going to do? Let’s be honest, their move to Kenmore Avenue is only a 1.2 mile detour and the new location is technically still within the North Buffalo city limits but the thought of a vacant building on Hertel Avenue never sits well with me.

Enter Lexington Co-op?


12 thoughts on “Dash’s makes a dash for Kenmore Ave.

    • The Buffalo News article mentioned that Budwey’s hopes to have the deal wrapped up by the end of the year. It does not mention when the move would happen though for Dash’s.


  1. One of the joys of Dash on Hertel was their size. In and out with specialty items to boot. PERFECT !!! Becoming a full size store on Kenmore is not my cup of tea. Wegmans? Trader Joe’s? How I will miss you Dash’s!!! Wayne & Pauline included plus all the neighborhood kids it employed.


  2. this is the response I recieved from Dash’s….There is hope :
    Hello –

    As you know, the local media have been reporting about the sale of Budwey’s. At this time, we can not comment on this until the deal has been finalized.

    Concerning the Hertel location, no decision will be made until the deal is complete. We have several options to explore in regards to that location. Your concerns are similair to several that we have heard from the neighborhood and they will be taken into consideration.

    Thank you for supporting us at Dash’s Market.


  3. This is such terrible news, I’ve recently moved near the Hertel Ave. Dash’s store and grocery shop here almost exclusively. Having a grocery store & pharmacy (in this case CVS) I could quickly & conveniently walk to was the #1 reason I was willing to relocate permanently from the Elmwood Village. I lived closer to Colvin Ave. for a couple years and couldn’t wait for my lease to be up to get out of N. Buffalo. Now I’m a happy N. Buffalo homeowner in large part due to Dash’s. If this closing news is & remains true I certainly hope Lexington Coop considers a second store in its place.


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