The Anatomy of “The Mike”

I’m all about the a.m. eats.  On the weekends, I like to opt for something hearty to kick-start my day right into AWESOME. On the home-cookin’ menu that usually translates into omelets, French toast or the occasional banana pancake (who doesn’t love a Jack Johnson reference early in the morning?).  On the other hand if I wake up and decide it’s WAY too early to even consider putting effort into feeding myself, then it’s off to Spot Coffee on Hertel Avenue for one thing and one greasy thing only – The Mike.


Let me break it down for ya.

The Bread – while you probably have little to no desire to make decisions in the morning, this one is important.  What kind of carb-tastic bread are you going with to sop up all that creamy, eggy, cheesy goodness?  The everything bagel. That’s the answer.

The Egg – Packed with protein and pan-fried to perfection (that’s a lot of p’s)

The Cheese – Is it provolone? Is it American? Is it something really cool that I don’t even know about?  It doesn’t matter.  It’s cheese and it’s melty.  (Oh wait, it’s provolone – they just told me)

The Smear – (a.k.a. the cream cheese (and maybe a little mayo added but that’s only speculation)) Quite possibly THE most important layer on the entire leaning tower of Mike-ness.  This is what separates this breakfast nosh from the drive-thru down the street.

The Meat – This is optional but if you’re looking to pork this sandwich up, bacon, ham or sausage are the choices.

The Heat – Frank’s. Obviously.

Champions? Nah. Breakfast of Hertel-ans.