No, not Joe’s Crab Shack. We don’t do chains round here.

Eat at Joe’s Deli.

I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to occasionally work from home and I’ve unknowingly started a pretty regular tradition on those days – lunch at Joe’s. Today was no exception.

Joe's MenuI’ve got a handful of favorites on the menu, namely the Cuban, the Stallone and the Italian Beef. But for this post I want to celebrate the Reuben.

Joe's ReubenWhy the Reuben? Well, for me, reubens have eluded me for so many years due to a deep fear and/or hatred for sauerkraut. Yes, until I met Joe’s Deli, I avoided reubens even at St. Patty’s Day parties.

See, the thing is, Joe’s gives you a choice between sauerkraut and coleslaw for your Reuben. Coleslaw piled atop the shaved corned beef, coupled with the cheese and special sauce make it a match made in heaven for me. And for you reuben traditionalists out there, don’t hate, give it a try!

Beyond the tasty slaw Reuben, there’s so much more to explore, and I’m up for the challenge of working my way down the menu.

And congrats to them for once again being named Best Deli in Buffalo by Artvoice. The plaques on the wall show consecutive W’s of the coveted award dating back to 2009, I’m sure 2014’s is on its way!

Artvoice Awards



Hip and Happening

After a long winter, we all look forward to the month of May. May means warmer days are in store, flowers are in bloom and patio beers are in my not-so-distant future.  The fifth month of the year also symbolizes Buffalo’s kick off to the summer travel season.  In my line of work as the Marketing Manager at Visit Buffalo Niagara, that’s kinda a BIG deal.  Most destinations are at their finest when summer rolls around and Buffalo is no exception.

CoverTo mark this momentous annual occurrence, our Buffalo Niagara Touring Guide rolls off the presses and arrives on our company’s doorsteps every May. My role as Senior Editor on the project has me offering insight on content. We can’t include everything so what’s makes the cut? What’s new? What’s hip? What are Buffalonians talking proud about? What would make someone in New Haven, Connecticut get up out of their recliner and make the 437 mile trip to Western New York?  It’s not all Bills games and chicken wings (although it IS the 50th anniversary of our saucy staple).  This year on our Hip and Happening list is Hertel!


A full page devoted solely to Hertel Avenue. We tell prospective visitors to look for the marquee lights of the newly-restored North Park Theatre, to channel their inner interior decorator at room and to follow their nose to Romeo & Juliet’s. A few more shout-out’s to Mes Que and Modern Nostalgia and that there is how you make your neighborhood famous.

Interested in getting your hands on your own FREE copy? We’ll mail it to you! Request one here.

This year’s guide is truly our best yet, I know I know I’m biased but trust me on this one.

Once it arrives, bring it to Mes Que, we’ll share a patio beer and cheers to Hertel.