A guy walks into a theatre…

I popped into the North Park Theatre this past weekend to inquire about partnering with the Advertising Club of Buffalo to screen a film. I walked away with much more than an answer to my inquiry.

I had a great conversation with programming director, Ray Barker, who was excited to discuss bringing a new film to the theatre. He also showed me around the lobby a bit. I quickly bought a bag of popcorn.


I then was given a mini-tour of the theatre by co-owner, Tom Eoannou. It was incredible to hear what he had to say about the restoration work, but what was even better was seeing his enthusiasm about it all. It’s such an exciting time for the theatre and for Hertel.


Check out what else I had to say about it in my blog written for Visit Buffalo Niagara, here.


Getcha Popcorn Ready

Ok I’ll admit it. Prior to its closing this past May, I never saw a show in the historic North Park Theatre. Nor did I have the popcorn.

An admission worthy of heckling, sure. But hopefully I can keep my North Buffalo stripes because I felt as devastated as any lifelong patron when it went dark. Hertel Avenue without the North Park would be like Delaware Park without the Zoo.

MarquisBut the return to vibrancy is in full swing, as evidenced by the lighting of the restored marquis this past Friday. Look at the brilliance shown in this image from Kevin McDonough.

Buffalo Spree recently posted an article showing the below picture from the 20s or early 30s. Saving the history of this building is just emblematic of everything else going on in Buffalo these days.

Historical North Park

Wikipedia went on to tell me the theatre opened in 1920. I might be getting ahead of myself here, but I’m smelling a 100 year anniversary party…just like I’m smelling the popcorn.

I’m all in now and urge you to be as well.

If you haven’t yet, give a “like” to the North Park Theatre facebook page. They’ve been doing a great job sharing progress reports, stories of the theatre’s magical past, and plans for its next chapter.

And most notably, there is a fundraising sneak peek gala being held on Friday, December 27. Thanks and kudos to the new owners and theatre manager for making this happen.