Elephants are a Girl’s Best Friend

Yep, that’s right.  Elephants.

I feel like Dumbo would be a quality best bud. Since he’s 10 times the size of any of your other friends, you’d obviously feel safe with him by your side. He’d never have a problem lending an ear when you need to vent. And let’s be honest, you’d always feel skinny standing next to him. Solid friend.

But alas, the pachyderm I speak of today isn’t one found in the wild, but rather around your neck.


Sure diamonds are always a first choice accessory but not every outfit can be dripping with bling. Sometimes the perfect necklace is as simple as three gold elephants. Three gold elephants found right on Hertel Avenue.

Accessories complete a look. They pull together your outfit to give it that finished touch. Finishing a “look” was never really my strong suit. I never really knew the art of pairing jewelry with clothes. I’m not saying I’ve got it 100% nailed down at this point either but what I do know is where to find some unique, affordable and fashionable pieces. Those pieces that cause your friends to take notice, proclaim their love and ask what we all secretly yearn to hear, “Where did you get that?”.

The answer: Modern Nostalgia.

Maybe it’s the way Bre displays the jewelry, maybe it’s her eye for style, maybe it’s the way she pairs the perfect necklace with a button-down and cardigan or maybe it’s just that as soon as I walk in the door I fall into a trance and think, PRETTTTTTY. Whatever it is, everything that Modern Nostalgia has in stock to adorn your neck, wrist or finger should be considered a must-have.

Do your outfit a solid.  Give it some neck candy.

Modern Nos 3  Modern Nos 2