Salumeria Belsito is now open

Don’t be fooled by the bare façade over the door of the former Gino’s Bakery building. The lights are on, the staff is hired, and the wine is stocked.

Salumeria Belsito announced their soft opening the other day so we took a walk down to check it out.  Here’s a few snaps from our evening:


Wine served in old-school juice glasses.  My Grandpa D’Agostino would be proud! And with $4 Happy Hour prices, he’d be giddy too.


Meat, cheese, bread and wine are the foundation of a solid first course Italian meal.

Wine2We didn’t have time to stay for a panini but the bill came with a nice touch. Tax included. Who doesn’t love a nice rounded number?

According to the owners, the official grand opening will take place during the Hertel Holiday Walk – December 6th & 7th. I’d recommend you hold off on your visit until then to give the owners a chance to get the sign out front, artwork on the walls and put the rest of the finishing touches on the place. Or go there today if you just can’t wait.



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