As I braced myself to brave the cold outside; for you know the typical winter evening in Buffalo is not exactly your best friend..

As I drowned my tiny frame in sweaters and coats and scarves and mittens..

As I walked for a block and a half, from Tacoma to Hertel, I could not have cared less if there was another Blizzard of 77; for I had serenaded into a different world! A world where lights line the storefronts..


Neon signs glorify a century old theater building..


Carolers Fa La La compliments the gentle jazz..


Your lovely baristas strike a pose for your camera..


Buffalo has found a new friend in a festive red stocking, in an artist’s renderings..

Stocking Buffalo

Moon has landed in a store’s display window..

Moon on Hertel

And Eiffel Tower is gleaming in another..

Eiffel Tower

Santa’s little helper is perched on a ladder..

Santas Little Helper

And as far as your eyes can go – the sidewalks are lined with lights, and garlands, and pine cones and Christmas trees, and people galore.


Happy People. Smiling People.

People, who like yours truly, braved the cold and came out –
Not because they are celebrating the holiday season;

They are celebrating their neighborhood! They are celebrating Hertel!

And why shouldn’t they, for if the board outside Blue Collar is anything to go by, Santa wants you to shop local!

Santa wants you to shop local

So this holiday season, let us all Shop Local. Eat Local. Be Local!

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About Meg Vaidya

A larger than life young professional/grad student; who does not let her work consume her. When i am not working as an electrical engineer and web researcher/analyst; i can be found wandering about every nook and corner of Buffalo or writing about my latest Buffalo expedition or reading at Spot or cheering on the Sabres or Bills :) Want to know more; follow me on Twitter @megvdy.

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