Hello Hertel Turns 1 !


Hard to believe that a year ago we posted our first blog – The Story Behind the Design – which explained why a pack of Camel cigarettes was rebranded into Buffalo Clarinets.

Since then we’ve posted about 40 blogs, earned a hundred or so followers and enjoyed almost 22,000 views of our site.

Buffalo Rising mentioned our blog in a few of their articles and Channel 2 even interviewed me in December for some thoughts on shopping local.

We connected with one particular neighbor, Meg Vaidya, who loved our blog almost as much as she loves Buffalo. Ok probably not that much, but enough for her to come on board and start contributing to the page.

In looking back, I think this blog did exactly what Karen and I had hoped. The blog shared stories of all the exciting things going on in North Buffalo, gave us some creative and artistic freedom, and better connected us with our community.

Hope this post doesn’t come off like were bragging about Hello Hertel. It’s quite the opposite really – just a big fat Thank you! Thank you for reading, sharing, commenting, and most importantly, for North Buffaloving.


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