ICYMI: Delaware Park is Sweet

You’ve (hopefully) read a number of posts here about things to do at Delaware Park. (Reference: “Doubles at Delaware”“In the Meadow”“BuffaLOVE Fest”).

I’m about 40 blogs short of really covering Delaware Park, but it should be clear to all that I think the Park is the real deal.

Well, now, so does the American Planning Association. Recently, the APA named Delaware Park one of the 2014 Ten Great Public Spaces in America!

Boom. Chalk up another accolade for Buffalo.

If you take a look at the characteristics needed to earn such a distinction (and there are A LOT), it’s clear that this was no fluke.

Be sure to read the full write-up…I bet there’s a lot you probably didn’t know about this backyard gem of ours.

10-3-2014 9-04-41 AM


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