The Public House

My friend Charlie calls Buffalo the world’s largest high school. And no, not that pre-pubescent time when everyone awkwardly tries to fit in with the cool crowd in the cafeteria.

It’s really about how everybody somehow knows everybody in Buffalo. Whether directly or once or twice removed, you’re able to identify a common connection to someone in the 716.

Public House 1The Public House, Buffalo’s newest and truest “neighborhood bar” is a perfect example of where those connections come together.

Given a different comparison, The Public House is the welcoming Buffalo version of Cheers. You know, “where everybody knows your name”.

My personal connections to this place are many. I went to high school with co-owner Sara. Her husband and co-owner, Frank, who seemingly everyone in Buffalo knows, grew a following from his time at Papa Jakes. I know bartender Nick from his martini making days at Cecelia’s, who turns out also works with one of my best friends, Sam. And guest bartender Lou, I met him separately through the above mentioned Charlie.

Those are just some of the fine faces you’ll typically see behind the rows of beer taps at the Public House. But then there’s the folks you’ll commonly see on the other side of that beautiful, reclaimed wharf wood bar. The last few times I was there I was able to catch up with great friends Sam and Ami, Katie and Matt, Jay, Kim, Molly, Phil, Allison, and many others.

And I’m not just making up names – these folks know who they are – and I loved seeing them there. (Hopefully they were equally as happy to see me.)

You just never know who you’ll run into. And that’s what’s great about the Public House. It just has that feel.

And when you leave, you’re always glad you came!

Public House 3


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