Welcome to Buffalo, Alexandra!

This week we welcomed Alexandra Joy Fashana to the world and to her new home in North Buffalo.

In just a short 15 months, Karen and I have doubled the size of our family! What was 2 became 3 and then quickly 4. We are truly blessed to have a few happy, healthy, meatball kids.

Doing some quick math…I’ve calculated that my beautiful, amazing, strong, incredible wife was pregnant for 18 of the last 24 months. It was a breeze, and though I can’t speak for her, in looking back I’d say that time flew by.

I’m sure her sentiments wouldn’t be quite the same, and she’d say something more along the lines of “speak for yourself Charlie” and/or “give me a damn beer!”.

I’ll buy her a case – she’s more than earned it.

Taking the city perspective into consideration, I’m claiming we’ve done our part in contributing to the population growth in North Buffalo. I’m also predicting a nice ripple affect to be realized by all of our Hertel shops that will help us feed, clothe and entertain our kiddos. We may go broke, but we’ll feel good about it.

And following one of the worst winters in Buffalo history, something tells me that many families will be welcoming newborns into the world around the August – October timeframe. Snowvember babies are coming so for any of you with buns in the oven, best of luck!

Thanks for indulging me here, with this personal, somewhat off-mission Hello Hertel blog. I’m just too proud and too happy not to share.

Cheers and as always God Bless.



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