This year’s first day of spring has me just delighted, and for a reason you may not expect.

The longer days and warmer temps that come with spring are bringing on a slow and flood-free thaw of the snow and ice that blanketed our turf for the past three months. And with that, something so very beautiful is unearthing.

No, not flowers. Yet, at least.

The beauty I speak of isn’t part of the spring renewal in the traditional sense, but it is really a sight for sore eyes and comes with some utilitarian benefit.

So what am I talking about?


Yep, that’s right. The Buffalo curbs are BACK! The reappearance of those small, beautiful, old, rugged rows of stone and concrete can mean but one thing: Cars no longer have to park on an incline in the middle of the streets.

And for that, I am simply delighted.

That is all.


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