Is It Spring Yet?!

OK, it’s official. I’ve got cabin fever. This year we’ve endured a blizzard, a polar vortex or two, and a lot of snow. Basically just 3 straight months of relentless punishment.

I’m really not one to complain about Buffalo weather. I’ve long said our winter weather is part of what makes us Buffalonians who we are. But there are times when Mother Nature will test our grit, and for me, this is that time.

It’s been tough to muster up the courage to walk down to Hertel with such cold temps and icy sidewalks. Even this weekend’s 40 degree reprieve was diminished by the wind slapping us in the face. For us with a newborn, we can’t take the chance to be outside just yet. A shame since we bought a $4,000 stroller (OK drop a zero but I think you get the point I’m trying to make), and haven’t been able to show it off.

I just long for the fresh air…and patios…like this one:

Mes Que December

If you look closely, you might notice we’re sitting on the patio of Mes Que. You may also notice we’re drinking lovely fresh beers. What the picture doesn’t tell you is that it’s December 7, 2012.

Yes, remember the last few winters? When we could go out without the adornment of a scarf or gloves? We definitely got spoiled and it feels as if this year was the reality check we weren’t looking for.

Oh well. At least I finally own a snowblower.

For now friends, just keep your eye on the prize. The days are getting longer and the warmer temps are nearby. Here’s a Countdown To Spring just in case you’re really grasping for something like I am.

23 days!


3 thoughts on “Is It Spring Yet?!

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