It’s Fish Fry Season!

It’s Ash Wednesday. Or Ash Humpday as I’ve been jokingly and possibly annoyingly saying all day. To some, today marks the start of Lent; the beginning of the most sacred time in the Christian religions. To others, it’s simply the start of a weekly religious ritual of feasting on beer batted fish with a side of slaw and a potato of your choice.

We like to play in both sandboxes, so we picked something to “give up” for Lent, and we also picked up a couple fish fry’s on the way home from work.

I was told Sterling Place Tavern has a fish fry that rivals their burger, so I was planning on ordering from there. Surprisingly (or not if you know how Sterling’s hours work), they don’t have a phone! Cute. I wish I hadn’t violated the law the entire drive home searching the web for their phone number. I also owe Siri a few apologies.

So, we went to the old standby, Wellington Pub, and were not disappointed. You can’t go wrong with a fish fry from Wellington – huge portion, great flavor, not too heavy.

Wellington Fish Fry

Someday I’ll get to Sterling for a dine-in fish fry experience…but that’ll probably be the day I don’t have any cash on me!

Enjoy the food friends, have a blessed Lenten season.


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