Take Two: Is It %&!$#+@ Spring Yet?!

Just less than three weeks ago I wrote an “I’m at my wits end” blog about how it just won’t stop being cold and snowy and stupid outside.

I took an optimistic and motivational approach by ending that blog with a countdown to spring link.

Clearly, my optimism was ill-timed.

Today is March 12, seven days away from the start of spring, and we’re hanging out with our second blizzard of the year.

didn’t want one blizzard, but two? That’s just vulcan ridiculous.

So…here’s my second attempt at rallying us around the idea that the better weather is still within reach…albeit a little ways away.

The good folks at NorthBuffalo.org are doing a spring clean-up on our North Buffalo streets – which I’m guaranteeing will be snow, ice and salt free – on April 26.

Sign up here. Hope to see you there!

Oh, by the way…100 days to summer!



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