My feet are ready for Movember.

Yea, that’s right. Movember. They’re also ready to cycle around town, propel themselves into flight and even enter into a ninja style battle.

What the hell am I talking about you may think?

Simple. Kick ass socks. Have a look at these bad boys:

Who says girls are the only ones who get to creatively accessorize? As a colorful marketing guy who works for a bank (somewhat of an oxymoron if you ask me), I have few ways to express my creativity at work outside of a funky tie or Tasmanian Devil coffee mug. But off-the-wall socks can do the trick without getting me fired.

So needless to say, these socks have been added to my wardrobe and are providing a little shock and awe in my office.

Too intense for you? Here’s some slightly less crazy, but just as awesome options for you:

Get to Blue Collar Buffalo so your feet can look as cool as mine.