A Splash of Color for A Taste of Thai

Here’s the Taste of Thai façade earlier this year:

Taste of Thai Before

Nothing to complain about, but here’s a shot of it today:

taste of thai after 2

A bold new look quickly gave some pop to the streetscape. I nearly rear-ended the car in front of me while staring it down on my way to work one morning. As a marketing person, I appreciate what a fresh and colorful look can do to anything. In my opinion, this new look works well.

It also reminded me that I’m long overdue for some “Pud Thai.”

A friend of mine, Kevin Arnold, was just as impressed. “I also love the Taste of Thai make-over that happened last week” he said as we were chatting about all things Buffalo. “It’s a great example of simple, small-scale improvements that can have a big impact on the neighborhood.”

Couldn’t agree more. Which business is next?